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Thursday, September 13, 2012tee

September 1, 2012

how i spent my birthday this year.

on the eve of my birthday, got to blow my own cake during our Friday lunch-out. thank you so much, lunch-buddies! that was one good-tasting lava cake there! may i also add that after the flu and cough, it had been my first time to eat chocolate and ice cream again, so yes - that was exactly what my sweet tooth needed.

then came the actual day.

got woken up by an excited J who gave me my birthday present - a MacBook Air case! imagine the look on my face when i tried to make sense of the gift (there's actually a funny video which he took). the catch was: what was i going to do with a case without a MacBook Air? part of me wanted to smile and be thankful, the optimistic part was saying to myself to wait - maybe, just maybe he has a MacBook Air tucked in there somewhere. But after an hour, nothing! it seems i was just getting the case... then it made sense to give gifts in "installment" because we still have other priorities like the wedding and other stuff. finally, (and thankfully because i was already scheming in my mind what to do with the case alone) i think because he pitied me already (and didn't want to ruin my day), handed me the real thing. woohoo! :) i am blessed to have a thoughtful fiance who pitied me with the old laptop which keeps on getting blue-screens every so often and even though his laptop also needs to be replaced soon, he got mine first. suh-weeet. :D 

then lunch at my favorite place - Marche! we had a chill afternoon afterwards - watched a movie (Total Recall) and then did some window-shopping and had early dinner at Barcelo's.

on a serious note, i am indeed thankful and grateful for another year and i am counting my blessings each and every day. and it goes way, way beyond mac book airs and what-have-yous! indeed, He had been more than gracious and i ponder in awe at these wonderful, wonderful gifts and hope to bring Him back the glory that He alone so deserves through my life. :)

and though it's another birthday away from family and friends, somehow because of technology, it seems like they were with me too to celebrate my day. Indeed, it had been very overwhelming to feel the warm greetings from everyone i hold dear. 

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