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[J+K] Save The Date Video

Sunday, September 09, 2012tee

gosh... i'm so excited and ecstatic!!! our save-the-date video... it's finally here!!! :)

J and I shot this almost a couple of months ago during one of our trips to Cebu. There was a storm brewing and we didn't make it to our planned shoot date because I was stranded in Bohol for a few hours as the boat (fastcraft) trips had been cancelled. I got on the last minute to the last ferry the coast guard cleared - it would then be 4 more days before the next ferries and fastcrafts would be allowed to sail. Thank God for letting me on this trip! Missing the original shoot and rescheduling the next day had been a small price to pay compared to the possibility of missing our flight back to Singapore.

We had met with our videographer, Franz Arrogante, a couple of times before we did the shoot. I was impressed by how he came up with concepts in a snap. I played the song for him and it was still playing for a few lines and he just thought out loud - "let's do a stop-motion video!" i immediately loved the idea - i wanted something fun and light and something out of the ordinary, and even if I hadn't told him yet, I already had been toying with stop-motions in my mind. haha, yeah i know - i am a frustrated videographer too! so he told us to prepare quirky and colorful outfits, nothing specific - just that. we bought our attire, coordinated them, and i just came up with whatever props i can think of. i would especially point out that there's an old-school blackboard somewhere with the date just because i spent time coloring and shading it and you'd better notice it or else! it was A for effort and a reward goes to those who will be able to find it! haha :D

Because our shoot got moved the next day, our friend Dee who took a leave on the actual (but postponed shoot) wasn't able to go with us. So, it was J and myself - braving the world of outfit changes, hair styling, accessorising and all the stuff that happens behind the scenes. On our own.

It was a quick shoot - we had toyed with the idea of doing it indoors but finally decided to do it outdoors. But it seems I have darnest luck - when we arrived in our outdoor location, it was pouring heavily (again, NO thanks to you, storm). We decided to change to an indoor shoot instead. The moment we arrived at our destination, it stopped raining. As in, the sun came out and it never rained for the remainder of the day. Oh well. :)

Overall, it had been a fun shoot. J and I told Franz that we're not really the artistahin kind, but he reassured us that it'd be fine. But between you and me, J's a better actor than I am - I had retakes while he had none. Of course, I was directing in the background, asking him to do this and that. haha, excuses!!! :p

It had been a quick shoot too. It took us about a couple of hours including set-up, dress change and lunch. Two hours for a 27-second video? To be fair, we did a few other scenes too, but not to be part of the Save-The-Date though. :)

So here goes... our save the date! Enjoy and hope you like it as much as we had fun making it!

Credits to Franz Arrogante for the video and to Abbai Pila for hair and makeup.

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  1. wa jud ko kabantay sa blackboard kung wa ka ning mention!! hehehe

  2. Marge! Will you be there? :) more pressure! haha!

    Oo special mention jud na cya noh, A for effort then murag a millisecond of fame ra. :D


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