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[J+K] fun shoot: boy meets girl.

Saturday, October 06, 2012tee

July 14, 2012

A fun shoot with friends. Our friends Brian and Kenneth are starting to get into photography and requested to have us as subjects for their shoot. They needed models to shoot. Being the camwhore that I am, I said yes and J, well - he's the supportive fiance and all - he obliged. Plus, I think it was a good call - we wanted to have lots of practice before we face the cameras for our wedding day and for our prenup shoot. At least, hopefully and fingers crossed, we'd be less stiff and more relaxed and more artistahin by that time. Oh well, let's see if that can be done. :P

We were looking for a makeup artist and if we wouldn't be able to find one - Luchee, Ann2 and I will have to do it ourselves. Thank goodness, our friend Gladys was there to our rescue! Gladys is also a makeup-enthusiast and gladly helped us out. Left to my own and my makeup brushes, I wouldn't be able to do to my face the magic she did on mine! :)

So there, an instant yet totally fun shoot with friends on a Saturday afternoon. 

Hair by: Luchee Go-Suralta, Annabel Uy
Makeup by: Gladys Jane Opone
Photos by: Kenneth Suralta

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2 scribble(s)

  1. artistahin lageh nang fiance nmu tee!;) hehe nice photos!:)

  2. @marge - artistahin, mulang! maau ni kay supportive kaayo. mu-posing pa ug iyaha, matalbugan ko! :D

    thanks thanks, can't wait na jud for the real prenup photos! hihi :D


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