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[J+K] Fun Shoot (Part 2): When I'm With You

Thursday, November 08, 2012tee

Finally, here's Part Two of our Fun Shoot with Friends which we shot last July. Oh, it seems like forever already!  

Anyhow, I'm reminded with what a friend who's also getting married soon once told me: "We're already in the last leg of the race." This makes me realize how fast the clock is ticking and soon, it'd be our day!  After that, no more shoots! haha! And you thought I'd be relieved! It's just that I'm gonna miss the craziness of the preps, being dolled up for shoots and smiling for the cam! But then again, nah, there'll be always an opportunity for photoshoots. That, the camwhore in me knows. :D 

On a serious note, I'm happy with how the photos turned out. Indeed, James and I are very blessed to have supportive (and talented) friends who spent their time with us during that sunny Saturday afternoon. Just for fun too, at that! Instantly, we had photographers, a makeup artist, hairstylists and producers - not to mention - *loud clearing of throat here* ahemmm,  feeling models! :)

Grow Old With You.
You put your arms around me and I'm home. 
ala Notting Hill ang peg! :)
oh happy, happy, joy, joy! 

Photos by: Brian Philip Huang.
Makeup by: Gladys Jane Opone.
Hair by: Luchee Go-Suralta and Annabel Uy.

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