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Tuesday, November 27, 2012tee

i can't believe the countdown's, well, down to the last 30 days already. i'm a mix of tingly, anxious, nervous, and excited to get to that day already - though there'll be a part of me who's also hoping the day to not come sooner - just because i am having so much fun with the preparations and being prepped here and there (yes, that's the frustrated model speaking again), plus with the outpouring of love and fun from our friends and families from all these showers, get-togethers and parties!

i can't believe i'll be appending another name (and another hyphen at that!) to my name. i have been using my last name all my life and a part of me is wistful and thinking i'll be losing a part of myself too. for the past 28+ years i have been known as a CAMACHO and well, i know getting a new name will get some getting-used to. i can just imagine the paperwork it'll need to change all the legal documents once the papers are finalized. i am happy and proud to be a CAMACHO, my parents have well indeed provided us with more than we can ever ask for and instilled on us hard-core values that we would gladly pass on to the generations next. i could only hope to have had honored and valued and given the due-respect my family and family name the way that it deserved to be, and give the same respect and honor to my future husband's name as it gets appended to my name.

while i'll always be ME no matter how old i become, and no matter what name i take on does not change who i am and my identity, a part of me changes in the process too. maybe that's the beauty of it. maybe it's getting on with a new chapter and somehow closing an old one, but that's just enough to get the senti in me going. hihi.

i am going to be upgraded to a MRS. from a MS. - and my teammate is already ready to call me "Madam" as it becomes official. somehow it makes me feel grown-up and well, officially old mature. Misis... wow, this is really something I have to get used to. this is sending me a round of goosebumps just thinking of it. haha! :D

on a serious note, i am excited to start a new life with J - this is the beginning of the culmination of our 5-year relationship and 10-year friendship, and the start of our and-they-lived-happy -ever-after. when i was younger, like any typical girl, i had only hopes of meeting my prince charming and getting swept off my feet like they all did. God surely exceeded and outdone the expectations when J came along - so yeah, I am blessed and happy to have found him and to spend the rest of our lives together. I am happy and excited knowing that I have a future life partner and bestest buddy rolled into one! It's also a plus that J has been very patient and understanding with me and put up each month with my PMS-ing and putting up with the nasty head that comes out often and with the tweak of craziness that I have, so yeah, he's very special. ;p He has been very supportive and encouraging especially when I start to become stressed and worried (which the worrywart in me finds natural to do, by the way), and has been helpful with the preps as well. :D

at the same time, there's also this tinge of "upcoming" first-day blues at bay, knowing full well that the lifetime ahead of us will be full of surprises and unknowns, and sure, there'll be bumps in the road and less than happy days. but knowing full well in my heart also that God is at the reigns and J by my side, i'm excitedly looking forward for what is yet to come, wherever He leads us and whatever He chooses to throw our way.

so yeah, this is it - we're down to the final countdown! this is really IT! :D

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