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[J+K] Our Royal Shower - Wedding Shower #1

Tuesday, December 04, 2012tee

November 9, 2012
J + K Royal Bridal Shower with BYPF

My first wedding shower ever. As a guest and as the bride. To be quite honest, I didn't know what to expect. I was a bit anxious anticipating what will happen - I don't know what to do if confronted with the raunchy type of shower that you see in the movies! Good thing our friends from church prepared a fun and clean shower party for James and myself. That I was relieved (and expecting too). :D

We played Pinoy Henyo and a trivia game wherein J and I had to match our answers to score a point and open a gift! Otherwise, it'd be balloon-popping time and then do the consequence inside the balloon. Needless to say, we popped a whole lot of balloons that I already lost count. All for the love of fun, and then realizing that we really need to coordinate our answers and keep our story straight. imagine, J wrote our anniv date correctly, but placed the wrong year, but he knows how many years it's been... Subtraction error? hihi :D

We're beyond overwhelmed. I am thankful for our BYPF family for organizing our shower, and for spending their Friday night with us. Indeed it feels blessed to have loving brothers and sisters in Christ who welcomed us into "almost there, almost married" state. It's also reassuring to know that we have them to lean on and they're backing us up with their prayers and well wishes as we enter married life. 

So, yeah, go team James + Tee! :D

P.S. The official photos are not out yet. Will just update this post once I have them :D

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