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[J+K] Shower # 2 - A DG Social

Thursday, December 06, 2012tee

November 30, 2012
Joint DG Social for Upcoming Weddings

Joining a DG (Discipleship Group) in church is one of the best things we have ever done. We meet once a week for DG get-together night. It's basically a time for fellowship and reading/studying God's Word as a group and as a time to catch-up with how our week had been. It is through our DG that we have indeed found the gift of fellowship in a small group, and at the same time, having a small support group who you can share your life as you walk in Christ and who'd pray with and for you and celebrate with you with each life milestone. Over time, we had become more than just DG-mates but friends as well.

Our DG is actually a mix of young adults/professionals, coming from different backgrounds and races, and from different walks of life. Time to time, we do social activities - and come to think of it now, most of them had something to do with food. What can I say? Everyone loves to eat! Alyssa, in particular, is the group's designated cook (and she volunteers and lovingly takes on the task too as she immensely enjoys cooking). Not just the ordinary dishes huh, but something you can order in restaurants - the sosyal type of food! :) Because we have a chef, all of us are just so happy to be fed! One of these days, I should really ask her recipes so I can be an excellent chef too! :P That night's menu was truffle oil mushroom pasta, honey roasted chicken, sausages, potato salad, salad greens, and tiramisu! Wow, let me tell you again, I let go of "diet" that night. Diet? What's that? haha! Everything was sooo, soo good and I'm sorry if I had to say that over and over again. It just deserves to be praised! And it's unfortunate I missed to snap photos of the dishes! :)

The night was a special get-together to celebrate and rejoice in the upcoming weddings in the group. Aside from James and myself, Justin and Hui Ping will be tying the knot real soon too. Time flew by as we talked about marriage preparations, wedding plans, honeymoon travel destinations, and practically just about anything in the sun. We appreciated the practical advice that came from our friends and they well-meaning wishes for our upcoming married life as well. For J and myself, It was also their time to "celebrate" with us as they cannot join us in Cebu for the actual wedding. The night ended with meaningful prayers and wishes as we prepare and count the days to the wedding. Truly, it's a joy and a blessing to be in the DG and more importantly at this phase, when we need the spiritual back-up and prayers as we enter a new phase as husband and wife. :)

Here's our group photo (and I think our only photo) before we called it a night.

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