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[J+K] Shower # 3: LunchBuddies Beach-y Party

Thursday, December 06, 2012tee

December 1, 2012
Lunchbuddies Wedding Shower

As the day looms near, I just come to appreciate more and more the beauty of being a bride-to-be, especially when the love pours in and the attention and thoughtfulness of your friends come to play. It's true, we have so many supportive friends and family who had been there throughout the process, especially with the little errands and chores and the tiny details we have to do and come up with.

This time around, we're especially grateful to the lunch buddies who organized a special kind of wedding shower for us to officially send off J and myself to married life. 

When I first came to SG (before J did), I barely had a few friends at the office. Then slowly, our group was formed because we were all batch-mates, and we had some common friends who came a bit earlier than we werethough some of us know each other in our previous companies in Cebu too. The thing about the group - we're all Pinoys! Speaking Tagalog was and remains to be my challenge, but the Bisayas are proud that our Tagalog friends can now understand (or parse) Bisaya. haha, call that major achievement! :) Anyhow, we call ourselves lunchbuddies because obviously, we get-together most of the time during lunch. Through time, we have become more than just lunchmates but we've opened up our stories and lives and over time, became friends as well. So aside from lunch, we have expanded our get-togethers to weekends and sometimes, out of town trips and weekend food-trips too.

Now back to the shower. This shower's theme was beach-y. The vibe was some kind of luau, I guess. I didn't know what to expect so I was a bit anxious and excited at the same time, because they all kept mum about the details of their plans. Because we're still staying indoors, I decided to dress comfortably (and a bit matchy-matchy with J) so I can be comfortable and ready for the games. No dress just In case they let me do stunts or limbo rock or what-have-yous. :)

Here's the setup during the party. The house was transformed for a moment! I especially love the details. Even the gifts are wrapped uniformly. (Special thanks to Jen and Ash for the details and the wrapping!) The polaroids are a special touch too - these are photos taken during our actual pre-nup shoot. Jen and Ash happily assisted us during our first day of shooting, thus Jen was able to snap some photos using her polaroid cam. Also notice the crafty crepe paper flowers to give a more beach-y feel, which everybody helped out in making.

We had so much fun getting together over food (this one is a given! The spaghetti ala Jollibee by Chase was a best-seller) and games (kudos to the game masters Heidi and Maloi). I especially enjoyed the bridal gown game using a roll of tissue paper, with only 20 minutes and a meter of scotch tape. And when you thought the guys don't have a clue, they also showed their "girly sides" by making paper flowers and contributing to the design. whoa! hidden talent! Are you guys sure you're not closet queens or frustrated fashionistas? haha! i kid! Chase and Tin, my co-brides-in-waiting became the models of the two competing teams. I wanted to join in the fun, but J and I were just there to judge. Maybe next time. But then again, I think I won't make it as a model - getting wrapped in tissue paper is not that all comfy considering the restriction in movement, but designing a wedding gown's definitely a fun thing to do!

As for the "shower gifts", I got a whole lot of sleepwear. ;) There were some "funny" stuff too but this is a wholesome blog so I'll just leave it at that. Our friends literally went all out and "showered" us with presents! :D

Bottom-line, it's just so overwhelming that our friends came up with this shower for us. It was definitely a fun, laid-back Saturday for us, of get-together and chilling and just laughing and enjoying ourselves. We certainly did feel the love and the thoughtfulness and indeed, we're very grateful beyond words.

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