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what up with you and all these weddings, 2012?

Sunday, December 16, 2012tee

what's up with you, 2012? this has got to be by far the year of weddings! 

i have just attended the fifth wedding of the year (it would've been more but we had to decline a couple of invites as we couldn't make it back to the Philippines at that time). normally, we just attend one or two weddings for the past years, but five is the new record! and i haven't even counted our upcoming wedding yet! FB is filled with photos of classmates, schoolmates, common friends, acquaintances tying the knot. and well, it's undoubtedly the point in our lives (and age, ahem!) that we're getting ripe for the picking. :P

i dunno with you, but for me, it always gives a tingling and kilig feeling to see couples happily starting their happy-ever-afters, it especially gives a meaningful touch to hear the couples pledge to each other a lifetime of commitment and love. weddings are pretty special and beautiful in itself. plus, you have to admit, a lifetime sentence to the same person - that's pretty heavy. :)

the inner romantic in me is always watchful on that particular moment when the bride goes inside the church and suddenly everyone's eyes are fixed on her, gushing on how beautiful she is - i turn and watch the groom too, to see his reaction while she walks towards him. priceless, when the surge of emotions just come rushing in. oh well, that 's LOVE in the air, right then and there.

this year's especially special - attending all those weddings, aside from the gushing and all, i get to appreciate more on the little details that comprise the wedding being "versed" and introduced to wedding lingo and the wedding world. i can now appreciate and see the little things that i normally let pass. like who knows that there are actually a whole lot of colors and a eensy difference makes it a different shade? so yeah, BLUE is too general of a color. there's cornflower blue, aqua, turquoise, royal blue, midnight blue and every color that has a hex value to it. now, as a guest, i have become more appreciative of the tiny and thoughtful details that make up the grand orchestra of a wedding. and then - you! yes, YOU! you better read that invitation knowing it went through a lot of thought and revisions and had to be inserted and arranged one-by-one! haha. just kidding. plus now i can also mentally picture and imagine myself walking down that aisle already, especially as the day looms near. i was telling Tin that when she was about to walk on the aisle, seeing her about to walk down - I felt the pressure of my upcoming wedding too, butterflies in stomach and all the works, and I had imagined myself then and there. hope she didn't mind that i mentally stole her moment for a bit. :D

anyhow.. here's a recap of the weddings of the happy couples we've had the pleasure of attending this year.

Paul+Jaci (Cebu, Philippines) - June 3rd

Adrian + Wiwin (Singapore) - July 7th

Jasper + Tin (Cebu, Philippines) - August 19th

Andy + Irene (Singapore) - October 20th

Justin + Hui Ping (Singapore) - December 15th

to all you couples out there who have tied or yet to tie the knot (regardless if it's 2012 or not), keep the love burning! may God bless your union and be honored in your marriage and may you have a lifetime of happy and cherished memories. oh happy, happy, joy, joy!

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