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2012 - one of the best years for the books

Wednesday, January 23, 2013tee

here i am once again, at my usual year-ender post, looking back once more at the year that was.

2012 was awesome! definitely, one of the best years (no-contest!) for the books.
2012 gave us a whole lot of time to visit our families and friends in Pinas, and those were opportunities we made the most out of. Being up and about and away from home made me appreciate home and family more and more and value how precious time spent with them is.

2012 was all about opportunities and trying out new things as well. I tried "surfing" at Sentosa Waves, did my first marathon - still at a meager 3KM, but would you believe that I'd finally join one? Then it was the year of scrapping off a few items from the bucket list - watch an F1 race live, sang my heart out in concerts (Train, Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, Katy Perry) and so on.

Travel-wise, we were also able to squeeze in a few weekend trips with friends. We chilled at Bintan (Indonesia), and food-tripped at JB (Malaysia) and a had a few weekends in Panglao as well. 

We ended up 2012 with a huge bang when finally J and I tied the knot, a few days shy of the new year 2013! This is the best checkmark from my bucket-list! Up until now, I cannot believe it! I have to look at the videos and photos again and again, my own version of "pinching" myself to believe it. It had been a time to reunite with friends and families and it was just beyond overwhelming to be surrounded with so much love and support.

Oh how fast 2012 has gone by! I think it's normal to feel wistful and nostalgic looking back at the year that was. Especially if on a personal-level, that year had been great. Well, GREAT is even an understatement. But we must move on and face 2013.

Truly God's mighty hand has been at work in 2012 - no doubt in that. He had so marvelously blessed us with so much that we can handle or imagine and all I have are just praises and gratitude and a renewed sense of awe! At the same time, I sometimes wonder if I'll ever outdo 2012. But something tells me even better years are coming up ahead so better gear up for 2013! :D

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