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Monday, January 14, 2013tee

January 3-6, 2013
Phuket, Thailand

Just a mini-detour from all the J+K posts. This set is from our mini-honeymoon in Phuket.  J and I have always been fans of Thai food. In fact, it's a staple favorite - I swear I could live with just pineapple fried rice and phad thai - with the prawns, of course! Feed me that everyday - fine by me! :)

We chose Phuket to have our post-wedding vacay (right after spending time in Bohol and Cebu with our families and friends) because we only had a few days of leave credits left and it had to be a mini-break. Aside from that, we both are also beach lovers and for our honeymoon, after the stress that wedding-planning brought, we just wanted to chill, relax, have lazy days, have daily doses of massage (if that is possible!) and ***wait for it*** go for food-trips!

Because we were in Thailand, we told ourselves we should eat Thai food as much as possible - after all, the food experience is part and parcel of the travel experience. No qualms from me on that part! 

day 1. dinner at a restaurant facing the Patong beach. vegetable spring rolls in chili sauce, phad thai, and pork in soy garlic sauce.

day 2. dinner at another restaurant in Patong area. pineapple fried rice with prawns, green curry chicken and bacon-wrapped prawns! 

 day 3. dinner at the restaurant at the Carnival Village inside the Fantasea park. Minced meat with chili and beans and our ever-favorite phad thai! One happy kid smiling there! :)

There you go! Definitely loved all the Thai food that we tried during our vacay, so don't wonder if we gained a bit of weight after. Yes, three days food-tripping Thai-style can do that to you! So looking forward for another Thai foodtrip soon! :)

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