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[J&K] a glimpse of our wedding highlights

Wednesday, January 23, 2013tee

It is often said that a picture is worth a thousand words. And, maybe, it's true because you can never actually fully describe in words what's in a picture - the raw emotions that came with it, the pretty and tiny details that oftentimes are left unnoticed and the special oomph and effect that makes each photo unique. And not to mention the vivid colors that comprise a single photograph - ohhh the beautiful colors! :)

I liken photographers to story-tellers, because it's a talent to spot what comes as ordinary at first glance and capture it in a perspective that freezes that moment forever. Each photographer has a style and this is predominant in their work. Some have a flair for the dramatics, some rely on editing effects, some go for sepia and monochrome photographs giving a vintage-effect on photos, and some simply use natural light which result in vivid and colorful photographs. In the end, it's really a matter of preference and I only understood that in full detail while I was scouting for THE photographer to capture the most important day of our lives. Early on, J and I decided that photographs are on the splurge list, that these are probably the only keepsakes that would last forever from our wedding day itself so no scrimping on our photographer - I guess this part will vary couple to couple as well too :)

I chanced upon Mark Cantalejo's portfolio online, and boy, was I hooked on how dreamy, vibrant, colorful his photos were. There were themed sessions too, but mostly under natural light. His approach to photography, as he calls the "leftfield approach" - unconventional and creative type is what I admired in his work. That's when I decided this is exactly the photographer I wanted since this matches J and my needs as well as our personalities! We only emailed most of the time while I was inquiring, and finally had J's brother book him. I somehow was confident in his work, and though some would say that you need to meet your supplier first before booking them, I somehow knew that we'd get along just fine. We finally met to discuss our prenup session and we hit it off immediately! Boy, was he sooo down-to-earth and funny - that it was just easy to be yourself while talking to him. We scheduled a meeting for an hour but I think we went beyond that, just because. :))  It went on to other meetings and then a couple of days for our actual prenup. It's so easy to pose and smile confidently in the camera with him around, because it just felt like it wasn't a chore at all; like we were just hanging out and having fun. Plus, he let us laugh a lot with his quips that I guess that's why the photos look natural and candid, not too trying-hard in a way.

It was so easy to get along with him that sometimes it felt we were old friends joking around, he'd just crack a joke and J and I will laugh either at how corny it was or how funny it struck us. On the day itself, he was like, "Uyyy, Tee! This is it! Are you ready?! Hey, you really lost weight!" To which I'd answer back, "Yes, this is it - the point of no return! And I've told you last time na I won't eat na baya ha!" haha! :)) It was just that with him - laidback, candid, fun, casual.

Definitely no regrets on letting Marky do our photographs. I think I won't ever get tired of looking at our photos, feeling kilig and all. I think he basically captured how happy, excited and special that day for us was. And I definitely recommend him to anyone who'd ask (and even those who do not ask! haha) - two thumbs up! Anyway, while I don't have the complete wedding photographs yet, here's a sneak preview of our wedding day highlights - from our preparations in Marco Polo, to our ceremony and post-ceremony shoot in Bethany Church. All captured in Mark and his team's lenses. Enjoy!!! :)

Onsite AVP Presentation by Mark Cantalejo Photography

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