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[J+K] Oh Yes, We Got Hitched!

Thursday, January 10, 2013tee

Hello, blogger-sphere... Happy New Year, everyone! I've been on hiatus for a few weeks but I'm back, with a vengeance, haha!

A whole lot of things have happened for the past weeks and I am still on a high - yes, we finally tied the knot! Finally! I'm already a MISIS! nyahaha, i'm still getting used to that part, but I'll get there :D I am most likely (I'm pretty sure of it) going to bombard this blog with wedding-related posts (WARNING: cheesy blog posts ahead!) and yes, supplier reviews too, hopefully to be able to help soon-to-be-brides!

The past weeks have passed by so quick - it was days spent doing last minute preparations, attending shower parties, meeting friends and sulit bonding-bonding-bonding with families. We were most of the time busy and yet having so much fun, that time snuck up on us and before we knew it, the day has finally come!

To be quite honest, I was a bit anxious on what the weather would be like on that day. The day before, Bohol/Cebu were on signal #2 storm (i know, right?!) which was the main reason some of our guests and entourage did not make it. Luckily, some were able to make it on the nick of time once the boats were given the go-signal. All praises! :) But what'd you know, the sun shined brightly as ever on that day, as if the Lord himself was wrapping and enveloping us with His love and blessings! So blessed and grateful indeed! 

The day went by so fast and before I knew it, it was already daytime. Preparations breezed by, then before I knew it I was at the point of no return, at the church entrance marching down to marital bliss!

Our wedding may not be perfect if you look at every cranny and nook and detail. After all, only the bride who knows every detail know which detail isn't what exactly what is planned. And yes, we had mini-emergencies, so yeah - bridezilla did show up in a day or so, but seriously, there was nothing that cannot be handled by our very capable and able coordinator and nothing that our families/friends cannot help out on. Teamwork at its best, definitely! So yeah,  our wedding may not be at all perfect if you look at it that way. But the most important thing on that day - J and K, with our families and friends as witnesses who shared and celebrated in our joy, and God in the middle of it all - I could imagine Him beaming up there with happiness and joy for us too, nothing could ever be more perfect than that. And with that, I can say it wasn't perfect - because for me, IT WAS MORE THAN PERFECT! It was the day I got to marry my best friend. The day we start our ever after and lives together. And well, the rest - details and what-have-you's are just non-essentials and are just icing to the so-called proverbial cake.

December 27, 2012
The Day I Married My Best Friend :)

Photos by the coolest photographer ever (no contest!), Mark Cantalejo.

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