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[J+K] Shower #4: A Kinda Special F4K Thing

Sunday, January 06, 2013tee

December 23, 2012
Friends4Keeps Wedding Shower

The Friends4Keeps (F4K) barkada holds a special place in our hearts. We've all been friends since college, yes - James and I belong to the same F4K barkada. We became barkada and then good friends first and took almost 4+ years of rock-solid platonic friendship before we became a couple. Maybe because having met each other and having so much history in the barkada, and maybe because the barkada had been teasing us and "pushing us towards each other no matter how we just laugh it off" for as long as I can remember (hence in a way, they're sort of responsible for writing our love story). And that's why as a couple, especially at this point of our relationship, we look back at our beginnings in F4K.

Having our friends around all these time, and knowing you for the longest time and yet accepting you for your quirks and what-have-yous in indeed a blessing. Finding that group which you so perfectly fit in - is indeed a blessing in itself. Each of us, unique individuals as we are play a piece of this puzzle we call friendship.  That's F4K for us.

Seeing and knowing each other for the longest time, we have been witnesses to the changes each one of us went through all these years, which I believe is part of growing up as well. Before we used to fuss about boys and grades and look forward to movies and timezone gaming, island hops and adventures. Now, it's all about career, relationships, excitement for the future and getting married. It somehow feels like the barkada also "levels up together with us" in this upcoming wedding as well. (Woohoo, and excitedly awaiting the next one coming soon next year! Keep 'em coming! happy, happy!) :)

It's also touching and amazing how our friends, despite their busy schedules and lives, came up with this wedding shower for us - a very special setup of colorful balloons, buntings and a whole lot of pretty details. One of them specially flew in from Manila just to celebrate with us! Naks, touched! Love you all, guys! :)

And while not all of us are there during the shower and not all of our ka-barkadas will be back during the wedding itself (because they're out of the country), we are still very grateful for the gift of beginnings and lasting friendships, ones that definitely are for keeps. I can still imagine us being wacky, crazy and all when we're already gray and old. F4k version. Good luck with that!

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