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Wednesday, January 30, 2013tee

Time to start again with my travel dream destination lists!

Basically,I wanted to list down all places:
a.) I wanted to go to but obviously I haven't been to yet,
b.) Places that are interesting to me. I'm more into beaches and tropical places and going to places where there are lots of opportunities for photography. Plus, I'm the type of person who kinda goes for awesome monuments and wonders - and with that, it's no surprise i want to cover the seven wonders of the world too. So the list is more of a personal preference as well. Every person has a different travel personality, and well, this is mine. :D

Just a disclaimer also - I'm not really a travel expert. I have been to but a few places and countries, but I'm nowhere close to a well-traveled person. At least, that's how I see myself. and oh sometimes how i wish i get paid to travel! :) 

Finally, I've started to come up with my must go-to list! I wanted to focus this list on my home country because truly, the Philippines, with its 7,107 islands surely has hidden gems and must-go-to places! Plus, it's a little embarrassing that I haven't really covered Philippines like a local ought to. My travel index says I've just been to 11 places in my home country. There's definitely still a whole chunk of the Philippines that I can conquer! And with something new and interesting sprouting every now and then, places to visit would never run out.

*Drum roll* please.. Here's my list!
1. Palawan

2. Siargao

3. Donsol

4. Ilocos

5. Bacolod

6. Coron

7. Vigan

8. Marinduque

9. Subic

10. Sagada 

Photos from Google images.

That's my top ten. So, what's on your list?

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