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Tuesday, February 26, 2013tee

It's TUESDAY! Time for some Travel Tuesday! I'm still on a high from our latest travel adventure, down to the land down under - Australia! Intermission number here: Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi! Why they do that or say that, beats me. :D

Anyhow, a travel adventure won't be complete without foodie adventures as well - because for us traveling should be the whole package - picturesque sights, great people and good eats! 

As promised, I'd be as detailed as I can in my travel posts, including as much as detail as I can in the accommodations and restaurants to give an idea, hopefully, to those of you who are into travel as well. And partly as a guide to me too, so I won't forget in case someone asks me the specifics - so it's a win-win, right? :)

Prior to flying to Aussie, we all did our research via Trip Advisor and Lady Iron Chef, and listed out some recommendations from friends who visited Aussie ahead of us as well. This compilation includes a detailed list of restaurants we have to try, so yeah, we came very prepared! We figured we don't want to waste the chance of not being able to try good food and at the same time, we can get our money's worth on highly recommended eats as well.

Of the long list, we only visited Hog's Breath Cafe. It was first stop on our list. And let me just say, two thumbs up for authentic Australian cuisine ala saloon style! I loved the details in the cute saloon, the servers were uber friendly and accommodating, and the food was delicious! Price-wise, we spent around AUD 30-36 each for a meal comprising of a huge steak, chips (french fries), side dish (salad greens or steamed vegetables) and seafood (calamari, shimps). When around Surfers Paradise area, don't miss Hog's Breath Cafe!

Hog's Breath Cafe
3 Cavill Mall, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Counterclockwise from top left: Garlic Prawn Prime Rib, Avocado Prime Rib, 
Hickory Smoked Prime Rib and Calamari Prime Rib.

Next stop - dinner at Toscani's. For some authentic Italian-lovin', Toscani's is the place to be! We just bumped across Toscani's while walking around Cavill Mall (where you can find tons of shops and restaurants) as the location is central in Surfers Paradise. We spent around AUD 20 each for a couple of pizzas, and a couple of pasta choices which we shared among ourselves.

Toscani's Cafe Bar & Restaurant
Centro Surfers Paradise, Cavill Avenue, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast QLD 4217
Counter-clockwise from top left: Hearty Meat Pizza, Moroccan Chicken Pizza, Fettuccini Carbonara. 

The Fiddler's Green Irish Bar, like Toscani's, was a gem we accidentally bumped into. We were actually targeting the Japanese restaurant right across it which unfortunately closed early on that day. We got intrigued by the bar and decided right away to eat there! They had live entertainment serenading us while we had our fill. Another plus thing is that they have promotions which vary day-to-day and that night, we had steaks for a steal - at AUD 10 each!

Fiddler's Green Irish Bar
39 Cavill Ave, Surfers Paradise QLD 4217
Counter-clockwise from top left: Sirlion steak with chips and salad, lamb shank and mashed potato, beef stew.

There you go, food adventures 101 in Gold Coast! No wonder I've gained weight after the trip! :)

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