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[J&K] Getting Ready

Wednesday, February 27, 2013tee

I finally found the time to sort our on-the-day photos, and it's not even the complete set yet. It's been exactly two months since that day, and well, I still feel giddy as I look at the photos... Yes, it's the newly-married bug, apparently! :) So I'm thinking of doing Wedding Wednesdays, starting from this post until I finally complete my wedding posts and supplier reviews.

It's true what they say about your wedding day. You should cherish every bit and moment of the most special day in your lives because before you know it, it'd be over. For me, the day went by so fast. It started by waking up real early around 6.30am, had a few minutes of silent time to pray and thank God for finally getting us into that point and that day, had a quick breakfast and bonding with the sis (to be quite honest I think both of us had the jitters because we never really enjoyed our buffet breakfast much. Yes I have a supportive maid of honor aka sister!) Then before we knew it, the entourage and suppliers start to arrive and pile up, and the bridal suite became a busy headquarters of chatter and laughter. 

Here's a preview on what happened in my bridal suite during the preps. You can practically feel the love in the photos and a glimpse on how much fun we had during our prettifying session. Indeed I am so blessed and grateful for my friends and suppliers and of course our familiers for their support and la-la-love on that day. And of course to God for the great weather despite the storm forecasts and all...

At the lower floor, at the other side of Marco Polo, in the groom's room, my dashing groom was also having the time of his life doing the preps with his entourage and family. Look at that smile and see those chinky eyes disappear in the process - I think he can't wait to see me walk the aisle already! (di masyadong feeler! Sorry J, this is my blog and I have the right to be assuming, haha! :D ) Truth be told, it's been weird not seeing him first thing in the morning and not spending time with him so the "missing" part gave way to anticipation, I guess. Though we did not see each other, we kept on texting each other, mostly non-sensical stuff like it was any other day - "are you awake already? did you eat na?" down to mushy stuff and lastly back to "this is it... hey - you'd better show up in the altar, ha!" :)) 

And before we knew it, preparation time was over and it'd be time for the ceremony. :)

Photos by: Mark Cantalejo
Coordination by: Shirley Grace Ong
Makeup by: Wenwen Zaspa
Flowers by: German and Christine
Customized Shoes by: Shandar
Couture by: Ronald Enrico
Dress Up Location and Reception Venue: Marco Polo Plaza

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