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[J&K] Our Wedding Video

Wednesday, February 20, 2013tee

Finally, here's our wedding day highlights, our same-day-edit video courtesy of Franz Arrogante! From our dress-up and preparations, down to our meaningful little ceremony at church, plus a bit of our reception... Hopefully this gives a glimpse of that happy day in our lives.

So how was it? HOW WAS IT? *a little tense, and the low EQ part of me is prodding you here!* So, so, so.... Did you like it? LOVE it? SPEAK UP, you're killing me!!!! :D

Looking at the video makes everything surreal. The wedding, the vows, and the outpouring of love and support from our dearest friends, family and relatives - it's beyond overwhelming! I keep on teasing James that watching the video makes me "fall in love with him" since he becomes guapo when I watch it! haha! all i have to do is watch the video over and over instead of counting to 1-to-10 when I am mad at him, and then I'll be alright! He was like; "crazy girl, do you have to watch a video to see me as guapo?" :))  Anyhow - I warned that there will be corny posts, did I? :)

To be quite honest, I was a bit hesitant to post this video because we wanted the audio during the exchange of vows to be a bit louder, and well, the conservative part of me is cringing looking at our kissing scenes! haha! so we requested Franz to edit the video again and make the audio louder but we haven't heard from him after a month so here it is, hope you like it though - hope and fingers-crossed it's not in the laswa kind of way, but in the cute and kilig side. hehe :D

Shooting the fillers was fun and quick. And like I said about Franz when I shared our save-the-date, boy does he have talent and perspective, no doubt about that! He could just listen to a music play and buzz... his creative mind will immediately come out with concepts and it's a known fact that he does have talent - that impressed me above anything. I've been secretly stalking his vimeo page since I can't recall when and he just has this signature mark in his work (though some of the videos on his page were done by his team only). That made me decide to book him right there and then, and he has to be the one to do our video! In fact, I think he was one of the suppliers we have booked first without any meeting. :D

One thing I didn't like though, and maybe something he needs to improve on is how he manages his schedule and time, and his bookings. Though we have some undesirable and stress-inducing experiences with him as our supplier, I'd love to think that maybe it's part of his quirks and eccentricities as a creative artist and all.:)

So that's it for now, happy Wednesday vibes everyone!

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