ReKINDLE-ing an old passion

Sunday, February 24, 2013tee

This I have to admit, I have been a bookworm since I could remember. I started to know how to read pretty early in pre-school and since then I was hooked. It started with fairytales and storybooks and by the time I was in my teens, I was a suki at the school library, having my fill of the Bobsey twins, Sweet Valley, Nancy Drew and then romance novels! I would literally burn the midnight oil reading my books because I could not just wait what happens next! Of course came the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Harry Potter series, but then the fire just sort of died.

The passion sort off died when I went to university and when I started to work. Sure I read once in a while, but not as the same level of "addict" as I was in my earlier days. Maybe because I had other priorities and just mainly tired I guess and drained from work and all that.

This changed when I got a Kindle Paperwhite from J for Christmas last year. Now I'm back to reading and I am so hooked again, sleeping really late because I wanted to read a few chapters more. And with that, it's a common sight if at night with J and myself is that he's facing his Ipad and I'm engrossed with my kindle that we don't speak to each other anymore! Yup, just your typical newly-married behavior! :))

The kindle, right after I unboxed it! Oh-so-happy!

Because the Kindle is not readily available in Singapore, it's hard to look for covers here. Luckily, I was able to get a great buy from Etsy, with their crafty, creative and pretty choices. Here's my personalized cover to remind me of my passion to read and my love to wander and travel. 
Merging my two loves - traveling and reading. 
Here's my Kindle, pretty-fied courtesy of Etsy!!! I love it sooo much!

I also discovered the magic of Good Reads where I can see recommended titles depending on what genre I am into. Plus I can keep track of the books I have read and planning to read so I'd never (cross-fingers) run out of books to read! Hurrah to technology, right? :)

For me, the magic of reading is that it takes to you a whole new world and it's an exercise to the imagination as you hang on to every word. I like to read also because it keeps my mind going as I imagine and learn from what I read. And the best thing - is that it enriches my vocabulary and in turn, helps me become a better writer and speaker as well. With that being said, yes, I'm thrilled to be back to reading again and I'm so happy to rekindle this old passion with a brand new kindle! Yes, that play of words is intentional and I've been waiting for that "punch-line" since the title, haha! :)

How about you? Do you have an old hobby or passion that you'd want to give another go? Let me just say this - it's never too late. :D

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