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Monday, March 25, 2013tee

Accessories are essential to complement and complete a look. That, I couldn't agree more. Accessories should not steal the scene and overpower the look, but somehow polish the look. Planning for the accessories and collaborating with suppliers regarding the accessories taught me one thing: no matter how small a detail is, it certainly is worth to give it some thought. This, I guess, shall also translate not only to wedding planning but to daily outfit planning and accessorizing as well.


Like the shoes, I did not find the perfect bridal earrings that I fancied. Early on, I was initially thinking to have this as my "something borrowed" or have this as a piece of family. But as I didn't find anything from my mom's collection, I went on with the same principle as the shoes - if you can't find it at the shops, customize your own! And so I did. 

Sepa is the brainchild of Josefa Dianne Espeja, and I've known her since way back as she had been customizing accessories and selling them in her shop way back college days, so she's one established and trusted supplier.

Sepa doesn't accept rush orders because they are concerned with quality than quantity, so I had placed my order 3 months before the wedding. In a couple of weeks, Dianne was able to come up with sketches of designs I can choose from, initially based on my pegs which I told her early on. I claimed and saw the actual product and met Dianne for the first time too a week before the wedding. The craftsmanship is rather good, and the quality of the swarovski and glass crystals used for the earrings were good. The pieces are a bit pricier, but you're getting every penny's worth with the quality of her work, so if you look at it that way, it's actually for a "steal". Then the night of the wedding, one of crystals fell off (why do these things happen to me?!)! I sent Dianne a frantic and desperate SOS message, and true enough, she calmly told me to bring it to the shop the next morning and they did fix the loose crystal on the spot. Dianne is one of those suppliers who prides herself in her work and in the quality of her work, plus, she's really prompt in answering queries as well - which also translates, naturally, to her superb customer service.

peneitas, earrings, and garter.
Photos by Sugar Kissed.

The kikay in me just wouldn't stop! I had to have uniform accessories for my pretty bridesmaids to give them the glam factor! While I was scouting for someone to make the peneitas and earrings, Ria recommended Sugar Kissed. Sugar Kissed is the collaboration of two talented and creative sisters, Iris and Christianne. They provided me with very pretty peneitas and earrings for all my entourage at such a steal. I got one for myself too, even if I already have one which came with my gown, because I knew I would be envious of the ladies' peneitas and would want one for my own! In the end, I wore the peneita during the reception too. I was beyond happy when friends would compliment on how my bridesmaids sparkled that night and how people would comment that the accessories (and maybe everything else in the wedding) were soooo me - as in so Tee! :D

I instantly felt a connection with Iris and Christianne when I met them for the first time. They were one of the suppliers I had to work with online, and we met only to finalize the details and see the samples. I can clearly see their passion in what they do, and I am amazed how they can handle and deliver their goods earlier than you would expect. They also have a great customer service. They don't have a shop yet, so they just do meet-ups in Ayala at a specified time. That was the only thing, you have to adjust to their meet-up time. But they were pretty considerate scheduling a special time for me knowing that I only have limited time in Cebu for the preps. Hurrah to that. Price-wise, I ordered 6 peneitas and 5 pairs of earrings and it did not burn a hole in my pocket as other suppliers would've, so another plus point. One thing I didn't like is the workmanship in the peneitas when you examine it closely is not perfect, you can still see a bit of glue here and there and some wire will stick out. I guess the OC in me will always check, though it's not really a biggie! It also seemed that there were some crystals which were not perfectly positioned (but they didn't fall out or anything, thank goodness!). The other accessories (earrings and the garter) were okay in terms of worksmanship, though. 

Photo by Mark Cantalejo.

Initially wasn't planning on any buotonnieres for the gentlemen. A few weeks before the wedding, we planned on just giving them simple buotonnieres. Then the fickle-minded bride that I am, I changed my mind again. J and I were just planning on giving the guys miniature superhero figures which we bought here in SG. When our ever-supportive photographer saw this, he immediately suggested incorporating it as buotonnieres! Our florist was on board, and voila, the coolest guys rocked! :D

Ma'am Christine is down-to-earth and she will let you do your thing and she will work with your budget as well. As a florist, what I loved about them is that they would go out of their way to satisfy and provide the bride's wishes and details, though I would've appreciate it during our collaborations if they came up and provided me with creative options instead of relying on me to specify everything I wanted with regards to the details. I liked how she told me she'd try to get me tulips for the centerpieces just because she felt it'd look better in the venue and to give that oomph factor, I guess. The tulips didn't push through by the way, because it was all last minute and the hydgrangeas have been ordered and all, but it was the thoughtfulness that counted in the end.

I have to admit with the lack of imagination, I didn't know what the final output for the buotonnieres would look like. I just sent our pegs, the miniature figures and crossed my fingers for the best. It's so amazing how German and Christine (our florist) got us and our peg. It really made the guys stood out. J looked cool with his Captain America buotonniere as well. 
Photo by Mark Cantalejo.

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