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Wednesday, March 13, 2013tee

Weddings are but joyous occasions celebrating friendship, love and family. It's not just about the couple, but also about the families from both sides too. If not, it's the best time to be thankful and express that gratitude to our respective families for the countless things that they have given and provided us.

I cannot help but be wistful and grateful and blessed looking back at the snapshots of the intimate photographs with our families during the preparations. Nothing could be more important (except maybe for God), than the blessing, support and love from our families on that day. I am also beyond happy that my sister was able to make it home from Australia, when we initially thought she couldn't. Yey, I got my dream wedding after all - God, my groom, and my complete family! <3 font="">

As we move out of our families to create our own, I am forever grateful to my parents for bringing me up and nurturing me, guiding me through life in preparation for the big day.  I couldn't ask for better parents, I have the best! It was an emotional "handover" as well, with papa teary-eyed as I marched down the aisle. I still remember our emotional moment as if it were yesterday. While we danced the father-daughter dance, papa was saying over and over again (while choking on his words), "it's time to move on, day.. it's okay.. it's time to move on..", Maybe it was to say to me that I have grown into a fine young lady and it's time for me to move out of the nest, and he has my blessing to do so. And maybe it was to remind himself that it's time for him give me away too. Mama, on the other hand, betrayed no emotion, but I know she was adjusting to the fact that her eldest daughter's officially grown up too. Mama had been very supportive in giving her advice during the wedding preps, and she even helped out in some of the tasks as well.

Bits and pieces will flash back, great childhood memories, happy family bonding moments - my, my, my - how time passed us by and nothing could ever prepare us totally for this day!

Things may change - my last name, my marital status, but I will forever be my parents' child and my sibling's ate. Family will always be family, no matter what. The ties and love between parent and child and between siblings is definitely one of the ties that will forever be binding. :D

On the other side, I am also thankful for J and J's family. The transition into being adopted as one of their own didn't come hard because ever since the beginning, they have always extended their welcome and love to me. I was basically a regular in their birthday celebrations, Sunday dinners, get-togethers and family affairs, being J's official +1 and all. Over time, they have been close to me as well. J's mom is someone who gives timely advices. J's brothers have been like brothers as well, with the bullying that comes with it; one thing I share with his sister. I feel happy to be surrounded with love and acceptance as I officially join their family as well. And though he's not vocal about it, I know for a fact that J feels thankful and blessed as I am for his family as well. :) 

In closing, I don't think of getting married as leaving one family to join the other. True, true, I may leave the nest and all, but that doesn't change a thing for me. I'll always be my parent's child and a member of the family. At the same time, J is still part of their family and yet he's also a new member of ours. It's really more of extending and uniting two families, so it's practically getting the best of both worlds. :D

By the way, here's the song we chose for our father-daughter dance. Days (and even months before the wedding I played it over and over again when I could so I could digest the lyrics and sort of numb myself during the actual dance itself so I won't have to cry in front of everybody else. Needless to say, it was a fail. During that tender moment, with the band singing in the background, with the lyrics on the projector and photos of me and papa playing on the screen, and papa and I dancing, I literally choked into tears. aawww.

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  1. og ang guests intawn baw pd og pugong2 sa luha (father-daughter dance)coz ang only available na iwipe at that time ky ang table napkin and table cloth! ahhahha!:))

  2. hahaha! mao man unta'y gamit sa table napkin atih!


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