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Friday, April 26, 2013tee

Fisherman's Bastion. (Budapest, Hungary. October 2011)

I know I have a few travel backlogs which seem to never clear up. After we got married, J and I continued on our jet-setting adventures i loved every bit of it as we spent going around attraction after attraction, city after city, and snapping photos here and there. Truly, the world is sooo huge and there's a whole lot of it to discover and explore! I am so blessed for the opportunities and the time to take a few vacation days from time to time and for a husband who supports my wandering feet and who, I'd like to think, shares the same passion too.

Inspired from a blog post I read about traveling, here's my top reasons why I love to travel:

Parthenon. (Nashville, Tennessee, USA. February 2010).
  • Traveling gives you a first-hand experience of what it's like. something that you can never learn from any book, no matter how detailed (and filled with photos it is). for the life of me, when I was younger, I was never interested in geography. Only when I started to travel did I look at a map and actually remember its contents - from where the country is, to what its capital is. Traveling taught me things from being actually there than just hearing it from someone else, because not even the most detailed photographs and well-composed stories can beat actually experiencing it for yourself.
Tour de Eiffel. (Paris, France. September 2011)

  • Traveling expands your horizons. It expands your view of the world. From culture to art to food, there's always a little bit of something new that would entice your fancy. You would realize how diverse and unique we all are and it makes you appreciative of what others have and beam with pride and gratitude of what you have. It gives you perspective and a greater understanding of others. if not, it makes you more compassionate to other people, and more empathetic to those who are in need. Traveling gives you the opportunity to see the world as it is - huge, big, awesome and how you pale in comparison to the magnitude of it all.
Tian Tan Buddha, Ngong Ping Village. (Hongkong. March 2013)

  • Traveling changes you as a person. You open yourself up to others, make new friends, meet people and basically learn to trust in people's kindness and goodness knowing quite well you are in their territory and in a foreign land. Along the way, you learn to be independent, prepared and resourceful. It just brings out and hones the girl scout in you.
Taj Mahal. (Agra, India. February 2009)
  • Traveling is a priceless gift you give yourself. With the experience and memories and life lessons that you take with you from traveling, it's one of the best gifts you give to yourself.

The Grand Canal. (Venice, Italy. November 2011)

  • Traveling gets you hooked. Once bitten by the travel-bug, there's no cure except to travel some more. And then more. There's never too much to see and you can never run of new things to try, adventures to go to, places to conquer, memories to create. 
    Neuschwanstein Castle. (Schwangau, Germany. September 2011)

  • Traveling makes you appreciate God's creation more and more, and makes you see how awesome His work is! Wonders of nature, works of art, awesome and awe-spiring architecture, delectable cuisine - all of these things are blessings and gifts from God. Looking at hectare of hectare of brown hills, or admiring picturesque views and basking at beaches you're so tempted to call "paradise", swimming and snorkeling and watching amazing marine life, trekking through mountains, experiencing the beauty of autumn and the magic of touching snow, you simply cannot fathom His greatness - He's like the great architect and creator of all times! 
Twelve Apostles. (Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. February 2013)

And the beauty of it - at the end of the day, no matter where your travel adventure leads you, you would always realize and appreciate the beauty of having someplace you call home. There's definitely no place like it.

I'd like to declare this year a year of travel. Unknowingly, my planner is now filled with blocks of x's for upcoming trips, and imagine J's eyes became huge as saucers (or tried to, haha) when he found out! Oh-so-happy to have been blessed with the opportunity and means to travel! I am not sure if this is "THE" travel year, because the adventurer in me would like to think (and wishful at that too) that every year would turn out to be a travel year. I promise myself to always be constantly be an adventure-filled spirit, to always have a passion to travel and see new places and be in awe and amazed at every adventure which gets thrown my way. To always have and make time to take a breather once in a while, and never say that I'm too old to try something new.

I hope you also share the joy of traveling and exploring new places as I do. It's definitely one  priceless gift you can give yourself. While I am still contemplating on where to head to next, let me end this post with an excerpt from Solitary Wanderer's "Date A Girl who Travels"  because the very well-written post inspired and struck a chord within me.
Find a girl who travels. Date her, love her, and marry her. And your world will never be the same again.

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  1. ...and your world will never be the same again! ^^ high five to that travel bug!

  2. feel nako naa ta'y mole sa feet! :D hooray to wandering feet adventures! @jaL3e


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