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Sunday, June 16, 2013tee

Italy, November 2011

Just because I'm craving for some Italian lovin' today, I decided to post this long overdue foodie post of the delectable Italian food that J and I tried during our visit to Milan and Venice almost a couple of years back (yeah, it's been that long, and I still have the Venice travel diaries post backlog, backlog!) 

Being both lovers of pizza and pasta, our visit to Milan and Venice had been a very much welcome treat to our happy tummies! It's not just about pizza and pasta, though. Italy and italian food is much, much, more. All the variations of pasta that you can think of, different flavors of pizza, delish risotto, yummy gelato and wine, baby! Enjoy!

our fill of pasta and risotto!

wining and dining. :>

for the sweet tooth - gelato and desserts! 

Okay, after seeing all these food - I am definitely ordering some Italian tonight! :>

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