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a birthday lunch at The Clan

Monday, September 09, 2013tee

Was so happy that my birthday fell on a weekend this year. We'd have a whole day to celebrate - a whole day!!! J planned everything out from researching where to go, making the reservations, and planning the activities. So all I did was dress up for whatever he planned for the day. Yes, I am blessed with a hubby who makes me feel special. :)

For lunch, we headed off to The Clan Restaurant. I have read and heard raves about The Clan and have been secretly wanting to try out their degustation menu. One of the positive things about The Clan is how reasonably-priced and good their food is. They also have a very extensive menu and wine list. Another plus thing to note is how overly-attentive and excessively nice the staff is, they really took care of us and called us by names! It even came to the point that the guy kept on addressing me "mytee" (james' petname for me) because that's what J asked to be written on the cake. Awkward, but I just didn't have the heart to correct him. ;p

Here's what we had for our 5-course meal. The photos don't give justice as I took these with my phone only.

the happy J with the Chef's Starter.

Strawberry Sorbet to prepare us for the meal ahead.
For HIM: Kurobuta Pork Belly, Cepes Mushroom with Truffle Paste, Poached Salmon,
Triple Espresso Crème brûlée
  For HER: Soft Shell Crab with homemade citrus sauce, Crab Bisque,
Beef Short Ribs on Hoba Leaf, Chocolate Lava with homemade gelato

The sweet tooth that I am - I wanted to try everything out for dessert! That can't be done, of course. But I was more than happy with our choices. 

Then came my "birthday cake", which J requested in advance. The staff was so game to take pictures of us and even choreographed our poses. "Sir James, quick, give a birthday kiss!" Which he did, of course! :))

Overall, everything tasted so good! The Clan just became one of our favorite fine-dining go-to restaurants! Definitely a double thumbs up! 

The Clan Restaurant
18/20 Bukit Pasoh Road
Nearest MRT: Outram

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