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Adventures in Hong Kong

Saturday, September 28, 2013tee

Hong Kong will always have a place in my heart, maybe because it was the first international trip I visited years back. They say you can never forget your first, and I guess this rings true for me in this sense too. It was also a very memorable trip as it was my parent's 25th anniversary celeb and our first international trip as a family. My, my, my, how time passed us by. I will always look back at Hong Kong as the starting point of my travel adventures and for that wonderful feeling of awe and amazement and the birth of my incurable travel-bug.

This year's visit is equally important as it was J's birthday weekend. The plane tickets have been with us for almost 2 years because we were originally to join the F4k barkada on our first international barkada trip together. Unfortunately, I had to go to Europe so we rebooked it again. It was supposed to be last year, but then, with marriage and wedding preps, we rebooked it once again. It seems "three's a charm" and so here we finally are.

First stop - Ngong Ping Village.
We started our adventure with a trip to Ngong Ping on the Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car Experience. It was so amazing to see the city like never before, and it was quite awesome and thrilling to ride on the crystal-cabin too. J and I sure had the time of our lives taking poses inside the cabin while the oldies with us were crying and shaking. One tip: To save you the time (the queue can get really bad) and a bit of money, book your tickets in advance online!

The village itself was a sight to behold. 

And of course, a visit to the village won't be complete without the climb to the Tian Tan Buddha (Great Buddha).

And the place where dreams come true, for the kid at heart - Hong Kong Disneyland! When we woke up that morning, I was getting tired and tried to get my way out of waking up early by nudging J and telling him that we've been to a couple of theme parks this year already (in Gold Coast). I have a smart husband who must've sensed my strategy and said, "It's okay, it's different.. We'll go there still." With that, I had to drag myself out of bed. Strategy fail! Hihi.. And boy, was I thankful we pushed through! There's a certain magic that a child growing up with Disney characters can totally relate to and the Disney parade and the fireworks were highlights of the visit and shouldn't be missed. The rides and attractions were also catered to kids of all ages (including me, ahem!), though J, being the thrill-seeker that he is, was sort of disappointed because he was looking for more challenging rides like the ones in Gold Coast. But don't trust him, haha! He's the type who'd just giggle endlessly and shouting "woohoo" while riding the rollercoaster while I, on the other end, was shouting for dear life. Yes, that's what I have to put up with! More on our HK Disneyland adventure here.

The view of Hong Kong Island is best viewed at the Kowloon side. For our part, we viewed it from the Avenue of the Stars boulevard. The view was awesome on a clear sunny day - the star ferries shuttling in the sea, the buildings across in HK island, and the attractions and what-have-yous in the avenue of the stars. Nothing shouts "Hong Kong" more than that. I was glad to visit the avenue on a daytime too, and take much-needed sunny photos. :)

Hong Kong indeed is one great place, and this visit of firsts just helped me make my point. :D

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