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Foodie Delights at Macau and Hongkong

Thursday, September 26, 2013tee

Hong Kong has always been synonymous to good food (read: DIMSUM!). All the while Hong Kong dimsum used to be something I have always "snubbed". Alas, not all dimsums are created alike! It took me a taste of real Hong Kong dimsum and later the Hong Kong-based Tim Ho Wan to later realize that it's now one of my favorite and must-eat dimsum once in a while!

Lucky Lucky, HKIA
One of our "lucky finds" at the HKIA. This simple eatery which features the basic , no-frills Hongkongian breakfast/brunch/lunch meal: noodles and dumplings. I got hooked to dumplings here! :D

Wok Delights

The Spaghetti House
For J's birthday dinner, we took a risk at "The Spaghetti House". It was good western food at a reasonable price. I especially loved the resto's decor! Too bad we didn't have a candle to blow for the birthday boy.

St Betty, IFC Mall
Dichi Connie (J's cousin), took us to one of the great  places expats and Hongkongians go to on lazy Sundays. And other days too, except I had to be biased since we went there on a lazy Sunday lunch. Overlooking the Victoria Harbour and serving modern European cuisine, this restaurant gets my two thumbs up! It was also great to spend some time with our host in Hong Kong and chat away. It was fun to listen to her and J talk about some of their childhood memories. haha!

My foodie regret on this trip? Not going to the original Tim Ho Wan restaurant. The queue was pretty bad when we passed by and we weren't that hungry yet, so we skipped it. Thankfully, Tim Ho Wan has now branches in Singapore so we can finally have the real deal anytime we crave for HK dimsum. Hooray to that!

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