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The MAGIC of HK Disneyland

Tuesday, September 24, 2013tee

The mention of Disneyland stirs something in each of us - a longing perhaps, to be a kid once again. Disneyland is a kid's (and a kid at heart!) dream come true, where fairytales and characters come to life. It's just bigger than life itself; after all, this is where the magic comes alive!
Growing up with Disney characters and (of course!) the Disney princesses, stepping into Disneyland is like stepping into the world where you forget the world, leave all your cares behind, and for a moment, be a little kid once again. After all, Disneyland isn't dubbed as "The Happiest Place on Earth" for nothing!

J and I found ourselves lost in the world - or should I say "worlds" of Disneyland. And the castle - I dunno what's with us girls, the "hopeless romantics" in us just love castles!

"It's a small world" is maybe a little too childish for some, but I sure had fun watching and enjoyed seeing the intricately-designed dolls and places and the culture and people they represent. Felt like a compressed tour around the world! Oh yes, I am a kid at heart and a wanderlust(er) at that, too!

Not to be missed is the Disney Parade, wherein floats with our favourite Disney characters literally coming to life to perform and greet the crowd. Hello, pretty Disney princesses!

To cap the already awesome day was the amazing world-renowned fireworks display. Set with Sleeping Beauty's castle in the backdrop, this is something not to be missed. With famous Disney soundtracks at the backdrop, this spectacle truly dazzles.

After our brief stint in the theme parks in Gold Coast (a month ago before the trip), I was a bit skeptical on whether to go to HK Disneyland or not. It was J who pushed me on that same day to go on as we had planned, and I was so happy he did. I would've missed on a lot if I had skipped it. Even if you might be a seasoned theme-park goer, there's just something about Disneyland which sets it apart from the rest.
“Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world.” - Walt Disney

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