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Beauty Finds: Sun Play!

Monday, October 14, 2013tee

Here's a rave about a product I have just discovered - the dream sun block out there! :) 

Protecting our skin from harmful UV rays should be a daily thing, and not just for days on the beach. I try to apply sunblock each and every day but later on skipped it because I didn't want the sticky feeling and smell that sunblock brings. Add that to the humid weather in Singapore and eeek! Plus, I've had unpleasant rashes from previous products that I have tried out. Because I have decided to take better care of my skin while it isn't too late, I have been looking out for the perfect sunscreen to protect me from the sun's harsh rays while not leaving me with greasy/sticky/yucky feeling afterwards.

The long search is over. Introducing... SUNPLAY suncreen!

 Image from Mentholatum site.

It comes in many varieties, I have it in Clear Water. With a light-weight and water-based Japanese formula, this is the perfect sunblock. Sunblock, just the way I like it! :D It blends perfectly on my skin so I won't look like I applied product on my skin. No more sticky and greasy and icky feel of sunblock on my skin, even after sweating. Plus, it's mildly scented, non-irritating to my overly-OA nose. Just a few seconds after applying it, I barely notice it's there! It leaves my skin with a translucent, smooth and satin/matte-like feel. I also like that it comes in small bottles that I can just carry around in my bag or take with me whenever I travel.

I hear it's readily available in the grocery and in Watson's and Guardian stores. I got mine from Sasa.

More on SUNPLAY here.

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