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[J&K] Prenup Set: Just you and me

Wednesday, October 02, 2013tee

Just a tiny tidbit about us: Starbucks was one of the places where J and I started hanging out as friends. So this shoot sort of reminisces those days when we were just hanging out, watching series and movies and of conversations over frappes and coffee. Little did we know, our love story would then unfold. I didn't realize it later til we were in the venue when the ever so quirky Marky (photographer) asked, "Is Starbucks special for both of you?" Well, come to think of it - it certainly was. Loved this Starbucks place at Rochester Drive as well. It felt cozy, vintage, and so laid-back. I can imagine lazy weekends spent here.

carefree, you and me. happy as can be. 

Photos by Mark Cantalejo.

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