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2013: A year of TRAVEL

Sunday, January 05, 2014tee

If I had it my way, I would probably travel for a living. I have talked on and on about how I love to travel And since we have let go of that the moment I took on a software engineering career (which isn't bad too by the way!), I then settled for vacations and trips now and then.

2013 was a blissful year of memories and firsts. A year of conquering another continent and adding seven new cities and three new countries to the list. I didn't plan it to be a year of travel (and then blowing my annual leaves again, what else is new?) but before I knew it, my planner was already filled with XX's and I was busily and happily planning itineraries here and there. It was then that I realized that with the tickets I've booked and places I've wanted to go to, I can actually get away with traveling once a month! You can imagine how huge J's eyes went when he heard about my plan. To cut the story short, I never got to complete my plan because J had to go to a business trip for a couple of months. A month short of my goal, here's a quick run-down of the awesome places we have visited this year. 

January - A Mini-Honeymoon in Phuket
March - A Birthday in Hong Kong and Macau
August - Family Staycation in Singapore
September - The Wonder That is Taipei
November - An unforgettable weekend in Cebu

Will update the links once I post about it, but for now, here's a little slideshow to look back at the travel year that was 2013. :)

Looking back, I am still feeling in-awe and amazed at how wonderful and beautiful the world is, how great and majestic the Creator is, and how blessed we are each and every day.

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