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Beauty Finds: MUJI Acrylic Storage

Friday, February 28, 2014tee

I finally caved in and bought my makeup organizer and boy, was I in for a treat! I've been putting it off for soo long (months and months of indecisiveness) but I finally took the leap and got myself this!

Muji 5-drawer acrylic case

As someone who likes to have everything organized (I shalln't call myself "OC"!), this is definitely a great solution to keep everything arranged and tidy. Ever since I have started getting serious about makeup, the hunt began for a system to organize them too. There are a few acrylic case options in the market, but I chose Muji because it's readily available here in Singapore. With my new organizer, everything now is better-organized. It comes in a see-through acrylic case so I can easily see my makeup and selecting the products to use would be a breeze. And well... you have to admit, it's great to showcase your beauty products too!

Let me just say I woke up pretty pumped today to open the drawers and do my makeup, haha! Why didn't I purchase this earlier? Anyhow... Next project, more acrylic organizers for the brushes and everything else! :D

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2 scribble(s)

  1. the OC-ness in you. I should adapt that too! hahahahah:))hope I can find a Muji like storage in AU.^^

  2. if not, have it SHIPPED! :)


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