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Ice, Ice Baby!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014tee

January 18, 2014
Ice Art and Ice Bar 2013/2014

Singapore's biggest ice sculpture exhibition boasts of 50,000 sq feet of space and 450 tons of clear and colored ice blocks. Featuring famous landmarks like London's Big Ben, Singapore's Merlion and Paris' Eiffel tower, this attraction brings you around the world via ice-sculptures in a -15 degree room.

Famous landmarks on ice. Now tell me, what could be more COOL than that?

Ice, the cold, snow and negative-degree weather always gives me mixed feelings. On one hand, I'm happy to experience something I don't usually experience living in a humid/tropical country. The outfit does compensate for the cold - I get to wear boots, sweaters, scarves and trench coats! At the same time, I dread the cold and the sneeze-fest and bouts of allergy it gives me. Oh well, they say you have to "expose" yourself to make yourself susceptible and adjusted. We shall see. :)

Next door was the Ice Bar. There was certainly nothing like it. Our tables, glasses, chairs were all made of ice. 'Twas so cool and cold at the same time! :P

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