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Tuesday, March 11, 2014tee

It's probably hard to sum the 3+ years we have in Singapore in a single post. I admit, I have been basking in everything and taking most experiences for granted. I've always thought that because I am based in Singapore, documenting everyday occurences and experiences may be a bit mediocre and ordinary as we go through the daily grind. A huge factor - to be honest, life caught up with me and in between work and chores (ahh, domestication!), it's been hard to juggle writing and blogging about meaningful experiences in this city.

A few words and posts would probably never do justice to the experience and years spent in Singapore, but as Singapore has grown on me, I'll try to write about experiences as they come and list meaningful and fave places J and I frequent to or love about the city.

Wistfully, I remember the first day I stepped into a huge metropolitan and highly urbanized city and my life hasn't been the same since. I entered the world which trained me to cook and bake, appreciate culture and theater, encouraged me to be serious (or try to be more conscious) with a healthy lifestyle, taught me more about brands and makeup and shiny things (oh the girly indulgences!), introduced and indulged my gastronomic experiences with a variety of cuisines to try from, and of course - granted me the access to a whole world out there to travel to.

As I have tried so hard to document my travel diaries, experiences with theater and culture, baking and cooking mini-wins, I realize there is still a few things about Singapore we haven't covered yet. So heads up: stay tuned for our upcoming lists of anything about Singapore soon! :)

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