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Rockin' Manila and Subic

Wednesday, March 12, 2014tee

June 22-24, 2013
Manila, Subic, Philippines

For a short weekend, we headed to Manila to attend C&C's wedding. Here are some photos of the lunchbuddies and the couple during their very special day. :)

Because we were already in Manila, we decided to might as well go on a little trip somewhere nearby. Most of us had never been to Subic yet, and it seemed to perfectly fit into our plans. Oh yeah, we were hitting two birds with one stone again!

Subic is most known for two touristy things, Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure. Thankfully, we had enough time to squeeze both in our itinerary. Manila-based F4ks Erica and Chy joined us as well, and Deedee flew in from Cebu to join in the fun.

First stop was the Zoobic Safari. We spent 2.5 hours on a guided tour around the area. The highlight of the visit would have to be the tiger safari. There's nothing like seeing a super huge tiger within arm's length, separated only with the wires of the safari vehicle. It even climbed on top of our vehicle! Whoa!!! IF only there was a photo or video snapped at the moment the tiger leaped into our vehicle, that would've been a riot. :)

We went to Ocean Adventure intending to swim with the dolphins, but we arrived a tad too late and they were already closed for dolphin encounters for the day. TIP: Check first what time the encounter ends, you can actually go to Ocean Adventure first and do the encounters and end the day with Zoobic Safari instead. We then settled for what we missed by watching the dolphin and seal show and had our photos taken up-close and personal with a dolphin. It didn't disappoint, though. Even after watching countless of dolphin and seal shows, it never ceases to amaze me how amazing these creatures are. 

Aren't they sooo cute and adorable? If only we could go on hugging it forever! :)

Night-time was spent hanging out and swimming at the pool, just the perfect way to end our Subic adventure.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to Manila again. Before that, we snuck in a quick breakfast by the scenic poolside and some photo ops again. What can I say, we do love taking photos! 

Thankfully, our flight was still in the evening so we managed to meet up with J's siblings and cousin for lunch and desserts, the perfect ender for our weekender.

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