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A Shoe Story

Thursday, April 24, 2014tee

"Shoes make me happy. I'm superficial. Whatever."
So apparently, I have this unhealthy, obsessive relationship with shoes. If you follow me in instagram, then you know shoegazing is definitely one of my pasttime activities. And yes, I love bags too, but that is another story. Anyway, shoes have always made me happy to the point that my mother used to call me out and tell me I'm turning imeldific. It came to the point when I had to match the color with my shoes with my bag and my blouse. Red blouse? No problem, wear red shoes! Yellow blouse calls for yellow flats! And the list goes on. I smile at myself now as I recall how crazily color-coordinated I was then, and how much time I used to have obsessing about those things. :))

A few years later, apparently, some things never change. I still go shoe-crazy, though not necessarily collecting every that goes in whatever color you can think of.

If I had to choose favorites, here's a list of my current everyday ones. I find that no matter how many I have (and yes, I just found out when we did some "spring cleaning" over the weekend that I have what the hubster calls a lot, haha!), I always go back to my favorites.

I love the flats from Tory Burch! And the trademark gold hardware on top, la-la-love! I always get my flats a half-size bigger. It takes a few wears to be break-in because of the leather, but I just can't resist how girly these doll shoes are. Perfect for jeans, dresses and even shorts. I can't help but lust over their colorful choices as well. If only I can collect them all!

Because of the unpredictable Singapore weather, having "rain" shoes are a must in my shoe cabinet. I've long been on a hunt for good and girly shoes that I can wear on any weather, rainy days too. Yes, it has to be girly, coz I don't see myself wearing rubber shoes on a daily basis anytime soon. The doll shoe jellies from OKA-b are definitely heaven-sent and super comfy too. I didn't even need to break-in my pairs, it just fits oh so perfectly - as if it was tailor-made for me! I've been wanting to get more pairs just because. Funny story: I was so excited to discover these flats so I told my friend who told a friend, who then told a friend and then everybody knew! Ending: it seems everybody in the office is now rockin' Oka-Bs. Well, almost everybody.

C&K has long been a staple in my shoe cabinet. I cannot resist their sandals. Aside from being reasonably-priced, I love their designs and how sturdy the material is. Definitely a plus for someone who's accident-prone like me.

Proudly Pinoy-made, Suelas is becoming a fast favorite. I love their cutesy-designed and patterned flats. One thing though, sometimes the shoe size vary depending on the style which is sort of tricky for someone who has to order it online.

How about you? What are your favorite everyday shoe brands? 

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2 scribble(s)

  1. abi kog imong tiil ang canvas shoes sa last pic, bec. of pinas inet dugay ni load ang pic then i saw the suelas shoes! ahahah:))

    Ally Ballet, suede shoes sa Tory is lurrvee too!^^

  2. @jaL3e haha! it's james', not mine! :) bitaw, love love love tory shoes, hihi! :)


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