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iLight Marina Bay again.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014tee

Celebration of Light. Photo by Elias

Last weekend of March, and last weekend of iLight and Pasarbella. Another stop at the iLight Marina Bay and Pasarbella because one visit is not enough. 

The last time J and I visited, we took the A route for the exhibits (from MBS to Raffles Place), so we missed the B route (MBS to Esplanade). Since our friends wanted to see the iLight before it ends, we decided to go back again. J's happy, of course - he'd been wanting to try the steak at Pasarbella too. 

James' Butchery & Co.'s Steak with salad and mashed potato on the side.

Bacon Cheeseburger from Omakase. 

My fave find: Root beer and cream soda! 

I'm glad we visited this round. Otherwise, I would've missed the view and installations. Awesome.

Digital Rapple
Giant Dandelions


Another bonus: an impromptu shoot with the lunchbuddies at the Marina Bay. The view always captures and leaves me at awe no matter how many times I've seen it and it was good to have a fun "shoot" with the picturesque view as our background.

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