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Saturday, April 26, 2014tee

I'm a sucker for travel and keepsakes. Every time I travel, I always bring back a souvenir with me. Additionally, as part of my collection, I bring back a travel magnet for every country I visit. These magnets are still tucked in somewhere, as I am still looking forward (and daydreaming) to someday have our own place where I'd have space to display them. Trivia: These magnets and some keepsakes made their way into our wedding photographs

The best keepsake I have which is travel-related are photos taken of the trip. Being the shutter-bug that I am, I always end up with hundreds of photos of the food, culture, places and tourist attractions we've visited. Truth be told, I feel incomplete without my camera and without snapping a photo here and there. For me, it'd feel like as if I was never there, eeep! I could recall a tanga moment where I accidentally left my camera behind in my cousin's car in Melbourne. We had to travel back again to her place (yes, J and my sister had to tag along) on the last train (travelling about 1-1.5 hours, mind you!) just to get it because I felt so lost without it! While all these travel photos probably will  not see the light of day, there's always a select "favorite" photographs I share online through blog or social media. But even social media platforms come and go, something I learned from the good ol' Multiply days. Old-school as it may be, I still find myself captivated and lingering over poring through pages of printed photos in albums. No matter how technology has impacted our lives, some things are still better left old-school.

My latest project: completing years' worth of travel photos and compiling them in nice, pretty photobooks. I am proud to report that all major travels up to present have been accounted for. And I say "all major travels" because I didn't include trips to weekenders at Malaysia and Indonesia and other trips that didn't have high resolution photos. These were my very first travels and I should've known better. Boooo! Double BOO! Lesson Learned: Always take (and save) in high resolution photos. This is definitely a must for a traveler who loves snapping photos like me. This is a huge feat for me - completing and documenting my international travels, especially after our Europe 2011 stint and the 2013 Travel Year. Anyhow, here's a peek of my growing photobook collection.

Sigh, looking at the photobooks makes me wanna pack my bags and go for an adventure again. For now, I'll probably just finish all my travel backlogs. :P

For a list of where I've been including travel blog links, click here.

Photobooks by: Photobook Singapore

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