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Happy Tummies in Taipei

Tuesday, May 20, 2014tee

Taiwan is home to a few of my favorites, so the happy foodie in me was pretty much excited to taste the real thing in Taipei.

To describe my food adventure, it'd be these words: happiness, love and pure joy.

Bubble tea is happiness. Every chance I got, I ordered it and it didn't disappoint. :D

Din Tai Fung is love. It's our favorite go-to place for some really good xiao long bao. We waited a bit (around 15 minutes) to go in, but it was worth it! As an added bonus, we get to pose with the Din Tai Fung mascot too! Truth be told, we didn't know there was one. :)

Dante Cafe is pure joy. Dante is one of the famous cafes in Taiwan. Aside from breakfast meals, they also have lunch/dinner menus. It was our favorite go-to place during the trip because it was near to the hotel, affordable and the food was good.

A lucky find was one store selling feel-good noodles and super good bubble tea! You'd definitely have me at bubble tea! Niu Kung Kuan served Taiwanese beef noodle soup and spicy beef noodles which both satiated us after our Elephant Hill Adventure. More on that misadventure soon. :))

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