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Montigo Resorts Weekender

Tuesday, May 06, 2014tee

Santorini, Greece has long been in my dream destination lists. Because it's nearly impossible for me to pack my bags and leave for Greece on a whim, it's always a relief to know that there are a lot of nearby alternatives for me to get that "Santorini" fix without breaking the bank. A great plus is that the place is just a one-hour ferry ride away, so we don't have to worry about our precious annual leaves.

This time around, it's a lunchbuddies weekender trip to Batam, Indonesia.  It's sort of a get-together of friends, a celebration of birthdays and our mini-farewell for Jen. And a summer kickoff, if I might add. Well, Batam is Batam.. a tiny and quiet place but it's nice to know that we can find some awesome resorts in the place, particularly in Nongsapura. We spent our time chillaxin' and chillin' at the resort, enjoying the awesome view and amenities and having a blast with each other's company. It was nice to have finally almost all of us in one place again, after a few of us had to go to Germany for almost 6-month-long trips. It was the perfect backdrop for Jen's simple surprise farewell. It was definitely a time filled with happy memories and "emotional" moments as we recall the trips and events and foodtrips we had been through together. How time flies when you're having fun indeed and it's a blessing to have  friends to share it with.

Montigo is filled with villas overlooking the sea. Each villa is spacious enough to house a huge living room, its own pool, and its very own roof deck. Seriously, it can house a whole barangay! I was so happy and excited to see the roofdeck that I almost slipped from the stairs because I  was excitedly (perhaps a tad too much) calling J to come right up and see the view! Wow, it felt like I was transported to someplace akin to Santorini... Honestly, I wouldn't mind living in a place/villa like the one they had, and spend my days drinking cocktails and swimming while enjoying the view. Dream on! :)

The resort is definitely well thought of, and the details are not to be missed. The food is good, but a bit pricey as expected from a resort. The breakfast buffet had a lot of options, so we definitely were a happy breakfast bunch. The interiors and decor are tastefully done, and one can't help but notice and ooh and aah at the pretty things. And we enjoyed how soft and fluffy and nice our beds and pillows were. It was definitely a good and restful time for us, a perfect breather.

It was a great opportunity for bonding for us as well. We went overboard with our laughtrip and photoshoot sessions. Makes me thankful and happy to have made and found awesome friends here in Singapore.

I enjoyed walking around and posing, and I especially love seeing the signature "white" all over the place! Tasteful, charming, pretty. Just like Santorini.

Jl. Hang Lekir Nongsa – Batam, Indonesia

Montigo Resorts is located at Nongsapura, Indonesia, just a 30-minute ferry ride from Singapore's Tanah Merah Terminal.

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