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Wednesday, July 23, 2014tee

With everything digital nowadays, photos have also become something we look at from our screens. The old soul in me always wanted prints to look at, at least a selected few to remind of life, travel, love and how everyday is indeed a blessing to be thankful to God for.

These cutie photos ala instagram-inspired are little (literally and figuratively!) tokens for friends we made here in Singapore. We'll always be grateful to have met awesome people here, making staying overseas and being away from home much bearable and fun.

I have also printed a few of my favorite prenup photos. These photos always make me smile and happy, and kilig, haha! It feels a long time ago, but it's only been a year and a half. This'd remind me that we'll always be the same persons, in love, blessed and grateful for each other, and that I have a partner walking with me no matter what life brings. Anyhow, hopefully we'll have space and a place of our own in the future to display these keepsakes and my other travel magnet collections. I have always envisioned a place to decorate with lotsa love and photos! For now, I'll just keep on dreaming and wishing, and praying. Everything will be, in His beautiful time. :)

Square 2x2 magnetic photos printed from PixaRoll.

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