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life in SG: Cafe-Hopping

Monday, August 18, 2014tee

If there is one thing J and I have in common, it is that we are never morning persons. We would rather sleep in than wake up early. Weekends are a sacred time to wake up a bit late and start the day later than the usual. We try to start each day with a good (or at least healthy) breakfast, but we always end up doing brunch during weekends. Thank God for the person who invented BRUNCH. When it's too early to have lunch and too late for breakfast, well, there's BRUNCH! Plus, it's a good excuse to eat breakfast food during midday and it'd be totally acceptable still! :)

Singapore is overflowing with alot of brunch places and cafes for good ol' lazy weekends and here's a few favorite ones we've managed to try. Note that with what Singapore has to offer, we may have only scratched the surface in terms of cafe and great brunch places-hunting.

Paris Baguette Cafe
If the Royal Pudding is not a good enough reason to go visit Paris Baguette, then their brunch choices will definitely pull you in. It was an impromptu brunch with L&K to get us started before we head the shops (all roads lead to shopping, haha!). Just thinking of the sweet and savory bacon/ham roll makes my mouth water. 

GRUB Singapore
Believing in responsible eating and using natural ingredients is probably one of the things that sets GRUB apart from the rest. Being located in our neighborhood, it's the perfect lazy weekend brunch go-to places. You can choose to dine alfresco or inside their quaint cafe - it's all up to you.

J and I tried the GRUB breakfast set, GRUB cheeseburger and their mushroom soup. Everything was good. 
Though I love brunch, this place is also a must to visit for dinner too, the mango pork belly is a must-try!
excuse the crazies. food has this effect on us.

A tiny cafe just a few bus stops away from home so it was the perfect lazy weekend brunch date with J. The quaint cafe offers a variety of coffee options and all-day breakfast. I especially love the interiors and the little details and the big breakfast is not bad too.

I would've wanted to add more cafes to this list. It's true that my cafe bucket list is mostly unconquered and unchecked yet. But our time in SG was up so here's the list for now. It's a shame that we didn't get to explore more and visit more cafes than we would've wanted. But definitely, Singapore's just around the corner and if our paths leads us back, I'd definitely go back and make this list longer. :)

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