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Monday, August 25, 2014tee

Being the adventurers that we are, we know that no matter how many places you've been to, there's nothing like going back to the familiarity of home. At the end of a long trip and exploring a new city, it's always a great feeling to know that you have somewhere to call home.

For now, we'll be calling a new place home. (As you know, we've bid adieu to Singapore).

It's pretty exciting to start afresh and anew in a new city. It's that exhilarating feeling that gets you, something akin to the "honeymoon phase" for couples. It's a new breath of fresh air. There's so many things to learn, places to see and discover and people to meet. It probably means getting lost from time to time, too - though I am counting on my mad navigation skills to be in good use these days. It eases a bit to know that our family and some friends are also just around.

It's sort of scary at the same time, to be away from the sense of comfort that usually comes with the familiarity of home. Thinking of starting all over again as we build roots in every aspect of our lives again - from the simple concerns to unpacking our lives in boxes again and adjusting to the new place, to the serious ones like finding a good community and church, and starting over in our careers. 

At the same time, it draws total dependence and trust and faith in God more. Knowing that He holds the future in His hands gives me the assurance that we're in good hands and this reminds me to more than ever, trust His will as we start to set our lives here. Maybe, I have been too comfortable and too complacent of the sense of home. But like they say, grow best where you are planted. 

I can't help but virtually pinch myself - This had been something we have been planning and praying for a long time, and now we're finally here. This is a blessing and we'll be infinitely grateful.

So here we are. It used to be just a plan and a maybe, but with God's grace and help, here we are. Hello, Australia! Our "Life in Aussie" officially begins, oi oi oi

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