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A Photo Diary of the first month

Monday, September 22, 2014tee

After a series of settling in, catching up, adjusting, exploring, and whatd'ya know, we've hit our first month in Australia!

Here's a series of random snapshots of how our days have been so far.

Days with the little miss.

Hitting the big thirty-0. It was also J and my first day of work. The day had gone by so fast, but we ended it with a family dinner korean-style at and had some desserts at Dessert Story after. I finally got to blow my big 30-oh cake at home!

Get-togethers and family bondings. 

Rekindling my love of baking. While most days I can be found slaving in the kitchen and having my own kitchen adventures, baking is one thing that I exceptionally enjoy doing. My first project: chocolate chip cookies! The supportive J bought me a mixer to jumpstart my "baker chef" dream too. :)

Almost Spring. We've heard over and over again how lucky we are to came in when it's already warmer winter days and spring's just around the corner. While Sakura in Japan has long been in my travel bucket-list (yes, I still have that though I think I'm adding more OZ items as well!), and while I failed to take good photos of that week when the blooms filled Singapore, I finally took the time to stop and have my own sakura-fest, well sort-of.

Cafe-Hops. Kicked-off the cafe-hops earlier so we can visit and cover as much as we possibly could. One of the things that drew us to Melbourne is the laid-back lifestyle, artsy and delish cafe culture and being coffee lovers that we are, that's definitely a plus!

There are definitely a lot of things that happened within the span of a month and while I am still adjusting to the colder climate, and adjusting in general, we're so grateful for this opportunity to start afresh here. While there are some days that have been challenging and humbling, it also presents as an opportunity to learn and be grateful and to fill ourselves with positive vibes. :)

Truly, it's everything under God's grace and we cannot thank Him enough for the blessings. 

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