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Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Saturday, October 04, 2014tee

A weekend roadtrip with the mister and the sister's family for the Tulip Festival. It was the last week for the annual tulip festival and a roadtrip was due, so might as well take the drive to enjoy the scenery. It was a sunny spring day too, and we wouldn't want to put a good weekend to waste. Yes, yes, I know it's spring already, but it's still too cold on most days and I haven't  parted with my sweaters and boots yet so this sunny day is a much-welcomed weather for a change.

I have always envisioned Holland/Netherlands with fields upon fields of colorful tulips in full bloom. Since that's a whole world away and something we weren't able to do, it was nice to have our own taste of Holland within reach.

Oh - to be surrounded by fields of tulips, a half and a million tulips to be exact. T'was such a breathtaking and amazing sight, to see rows and rows of tulips of different shades. I couldn't help but snap photos here and there.

More about the annual tulip festival here.

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