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Saturday, November 01, 2014tee

After getting married, we have been bombarded with endless questions on whether we were pregnant already. I guess it's always an assumption that kids come immediately after a wedding. I'd always smile back and say that we have one growing in the hubby's tummy. Ha, take that! :P

See, while everyone else was going gaga over babies and baby photos, I was wanderlusting and dreaming of places to visit and explore. And while I knew I'd want kids someday, it was always at the back of my mind. I had other dreams, other plans. J and I wanted to enjoy married life to ourselves first. Or, we have to settle someplace first. But I wanted to visit this place first, and that place too. And the list went on and on. Plus, I was scared of the unfathomable - the excruciating and unimaginable pain of childbirth. All those things you see online and on TV about this doesn't help too, you know.

Kids were cute and all that, but I wanted the freedom to just return the tyke to the mother when all hell breaks loose, you know? :) Everybody else started popping kids left and right. We were genuinely happy for them and knew, in His time, it'd be us too. 

And so we pursued our plans and dreams. We certainly had a blast exploring places, planning adventures, planning for our future and finally deciding to settle in Australia. I wouldn't have it any other way. Traveling together and spending the first years of married life "just us" was our series of mini-honeymoons in a way. Every day indeed was a new day for an adventure and discovering and knowing each other more.

Then suddenly one day, you realize you want kids and vividly imagine little tykes. That was the time I knew I was ready. It didn't came suddenly, but the realization came in a snap.

Good thing our timing individually synced with each other - J and I were ready when we were.

A few months later, here we are. Counting down to probably, the biggest adventure there is.

I guess everything has its own purpose and everything becomes perfect in God's timing. 

Here's me sporting a fringe and a mini-bump at 19 weeks.
 Photos by the ever supportive and amazing hubster. :)

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