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Melbourne Noodle Night Market

Thursday, November 27, 2014tee

It was a rainy and an uber-cold day, but nothing was stopping us ex-219ers from going to the Noodle Night Market. 

The place was full of Asian favorites and lots of food options ranging from Thai, Japanese, HK, Indian, Malaysian, and many more. It exuded an outdoorsy, no-frills hawker center vibe in the center of the city. Just good food and company, and you're all set. 

With all the options available and the "noodle market" theme, you would think we went noodle-crazy. But nope, we headed to the Hoy Pinoy stall, filled ourselves up with chicken and pork barbeque, yum! The lechon (roast pig) sounded crispy from afar too, but we never got to try it. 

It would've been nicer if there were more tables with umbrellas but I guess the organizers didn't anticipate heavy rains during the event given that it's almost summer. But I had my pinoy food and I was happy, despite feeling cold and the mud in our shoes. And if there was something good that came out of our adventure in the rain was that the queues were manageable and it took us only a few minutes to get our food. ;)

More on the Melbourne Noodle Night Market here.

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