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A few weeks to go!

Thursday, January 15, 2015tee

Hello, 2015! I'm officially on my 30th week and it's all starting to get oh-so-real. Whoa, did time really fly by so fast? Apparently, it did, as evidenced by my bulging tummy which I swear is growing heavier each and every day. On a side note, I'm grateful that I feel like I'm myself again, no more bouts of nausea and (all day) morning sickness, though I've become so lazy, heavy, snail-like lately. Please, please tell me when the time comes when I waddle when I walk, haha! I have random aches and uneasiness and discomforts here and now, but I try to tell myself that I am growing a baby and nothing is as beautiful as what is happening in my body right now. I should probably slow down and enjoy this experience, make time to bond with J in simple mini-dates, and meet up with friends and family, and treasure everything before this new chapter unfolds. In as much as I want for these discomforts to be over soon (and it will, come March), I will focus on what I can do now to prepare myself (and ourselves) for this biggest adventure yet.

I keep myself busy with work, though there are days like today (and this week) that I'd rather be lying on my bed and laze around. I pray to have the strength to get up (and part with my bed) to go to work for every day for the next weeks ahead. We've been doing the finishing touches and last-minute chores to make the house ready and haven't even started nesting and preparing the baby's stuff yet, though majority of the necessities are already at home, waiting to be either washed or assembled. 

The bub's kicks have become oh-so-strong and painful at times, a jab here and a kick there makes me think I am growing a karate kid down there. It sometimes feels like my belly has a mind of its own, too. But it's been exciting from day one, when we decided it was high-time to start planning and praying for a family. Each milestone from tasting food differently to confirming it with a strong pregnancy test line, to that first dizziness/nausea spell, to that first fluttering movement. Here we are now, from tiny and cute flutters to painful kicks and jabs here and there. It's indeed a reminder that everything beautiful takes time, and it just amazes me how God's design works. In His own beautiful time, He has indeed prepared us slowly to become parents, and have slowly nurtured and developed this little one growing inside me. It's been blessing upon blessing and I am so grateful. And while I know we can never be perfect parents and never in a million years can we be fully prepared and equipped for this huge role ahead; we need discerning wisdom on how to raise this child in His ways, I find comfort knowing that as I enter this new territory, God has been with us since day one and that everything is all in His hands, and thankfully not under mine or ours. I am grateful for everyday little things and people He sends our way to help us out and bless us as we prepare for this journey. Lastly, I am grateful for J, for his unwavering support and for being my partner in everything and for understanding me in my hormonal days and reassuring me that everything would be alright when I start to flip and worry and cry about minute things like stretch marks, weight gain and imagining what labor would be like. Oh yeah, the things that hormones can make you do and the things I've put my husband through!

Exciting days are coming ahead, our biggest adventure and blessing is coming real soon. Please do pray for a safe, normal and healthy delivery. :) 

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