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Geelong Day Trip

Sunday, January 04, 2015tee

Last weekend of Christmas break. A very hot summer's day. Summer used to be a season I look forward to, perhaps my favorite one but 40 degrees is way too much! I'm changing my favorite season na, pregnant and summer is not a good combination! At this rate, I am looking forward to cold winter days (which I know I will regret when the day will come). 

For our last hurrah for the Christmas break, a roadtrip to Geelong.  We walked the Geelong Waterfront from end to end and passed by the public art installations and mini-tourist spots along the way. One thing to be grateful despite the high temp is the breeze against our faces, it was a windy day (talk about a really windy day at 90 km/hr).

"North" public art installation

Cunningham pier, Ferris Wheel and more art installations

6-8 Eastern Beach Road, Geelong VIC 3220

For our foodie adventure, we had late lunch at Edge. Facing the waterfront, the cafe offers a good view, but since it was soooo hot, no one wanted to dine al fresco, we all scurried inside and enjoyed airconditioning! 

Lasagne and Chips with salad and Chicken wings

I love how there's a whole lot of places to see, road trips to do, spots to visit. Looking forward to more adventures as we explore Victoria, Melbourne and Australia one place at a time.  

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