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Surprise Baby Shower!

Thursday, February 19, 2015tee

Have been thinking of having a shower or not, and while a few people have asked and offered to host one for us, the heavily-pregnant lady in me wouldn't want to impose or burden others with it, and the lazy part of me is so tired to move around and help-out with it too. It's just been a very busy time with us migrating and moving houses and preparing for the baby, that planning a party feels out of the question. (Yes, we have yet to do an official house-warming party too!)

So what we thought was a simple get-together for a friend's birthday celebration and pre-Valentines day gig turned out to be an unexpected surprise baby shower for the little one! Team Australia really had us surprised at this one! Good one, guys! It was so unexpected and we are so blessed to feel the LA-LA-LOVE!
The house was filled with decor. It was hints of blue here and there.

Sweet and yum stuff. Revel bars and cassava cakes by Reggie and Janice.

The guys went out of their way decorating the place, preparing good food, yummy desserts and a pretty fondant cake that'd be too cute to eat. We're so blessed with these old and new friends and both J and I are very thankful for the shower of love for the little one.  
A fondant cake that's too cute to cut or eat by Telle. Base is a delish banana nutella cake.

Thank you, Team Australia!

* Will update this post once official photos are available, these ones are just taken from my phone. :D

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