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A taste of France in Victoria: Montsalvat

Thursday, March 12, 2015tee


7 Hillcrest Avenue,
Eltham VIC 3095

Long weekend. Holiday. J's birthday weekend. Folks are back here in Aussie. And I'm still pregnant, about to pop just about anytime. :)

Wanted to make use of the time while we can still go out spontaneously, and well, the travel bug's been at it for some time. I can't definitely go out on a whim and it'd be a while before I'd be off jet-setting again, but thankfully Victoria and Melbourne and Australia is full of so many wonderful places and cafes and events to discover, see and visit. From the moment I saw photos, I've been intrigued by Montsalvat's charm, it looks so dreamy and reminds me of provincial France and of an old European/medieval court. Added bonus? It's just a few minutes away from home, so this I must definitely see for myself. 

Montsalvat certainly exuded a quaint, rustic, European charm. Housing Australia's first artist colony, somehow going inside the premises brought me fond memories of going around Prague Castle - it has a great hall, an art exhibition/gallery, a chapel, a restaurant and some other buildings like artists' studios and workshops. It was a fun afternoon well-spent at Montsalvat, indeed. Surprisingly, it just took us about a couple of hours to go around the buildings and art exhibitions. 

More about Montsalvat here.

Meanwhile, here's some snapshots of our time at Montsalvat on a surprisingly sunny autumn's day.

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